PPC – Production Planning and Control Allied to New Technologies

When we talk about production, the idea of ​​machines and employees working together immediately comes to mind, but we hardly think quickly about the planning and control of this process.

The ideal is always to have the highest possible quality in production, as well as the speed and control of the raw material during the work. That’s where PPC comes in.

Managing the production of an industry is a fundamental job to obtain results that are satisfactory. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the PPC and to know how this tool can help in this case.

In this article, you will understand what is PPC and what are the functions of production planning and control. Keep reading it!

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Production Planning and Control and is a tool to manage all the operations of a company, whatever its branch.

Using this system, achieving above-average results becomes more accessible, since planning and control are favorable points for good production performance.

All of this makes the company grow spending less, develop in a healthy way and have the ability to produce its products on an increasingly large scale.

The functions of Production Planning and Control (PPC)

Companies that adopt PPC to improve their productions realize that their functions directly impact all sectors, from product manufacturing to its sale.

We can highlight the functions of the PPC as follows:

1 – Planning: first, the quantity of products that will be produced and how long it will take to occur is established;

2 – Scheduling: then, the raw material is organized to carry out the entire production;

3 – Control: finally, there is the monitoring of production so that it is possible to correct flaws throughout the process.

Bearing in mind these points of the PPC, it is now possible to have much more control over what your company produces and how it produces it, realizing steps that can be improved and what should continue in the same way.

And, if the production does not reach the established goal, the area management team can easily correct the route based on the information obtained from the PPC monitoring.

Record these steps: plan, schedule and control. The trend is for production to get really better.

The benefits that PPC brings to companies

With the implementation of PPC in your business, some benefits will immediately emerge. We list below the advantages that stand out:

Production will be continuous

The PPC makes the production is in constant movement, avoiding the waste of work time.

This system also works on the machinery, previously organizing the necessary configurations to carry out the activities.

So all the products that need to be made will be under development in production.

Meeting deadlines becomes strict

If there’s one thing every company continually strives to meet, it’s the delivery time of their products. Using PPC, delivery dates are taken extremely seriously from the control of the processes involved.

It is completely possible to finish productions ahead of schedule, as the optimization of the necessary procedures allows for improvements in relation to time.

The company that has customers who are happy to have access to products more quickly continues to seek to improve their work more and more.

The raw material is used with conscience

PPC acts energetically with the intention of not wasting raw material during the entire production. After all, this involves unnecessary expenses and possible losses for the organization.

The entire workforce of the company is oriented to pay attention to the use of inputs in order to have maximum efficiency in production, something that facilitates the progress of functions.

By correctly planning how the products will be made, the raw material is used in full, with no chance of leftovers or shortages, as the essential quantity has already been calculated in advance.

How technology can help PPC

Imagine the following situation: you are the manager of an industry and it is in your hands to make the decision about the next paths that production should follow, but you find it difficult to find information about the processes of the works because they are gathered in physical notes. . So valuable time is lost in trying to get data that could already be digitized.

Improving the technology of PPC processes is moving more and more towards development, providing fast and accurate equipment so that area administrators can access data from the company’s operations.

The use of technologies that favor the execution of a good PPC will make the company organize itself to implement other technological measures, since everyone will see impressive results in the agility and organization of processes. Areas such as accounting and sales can be directly benefited.

With the constant entry of companies in Industry 4.0, having a PPC allied to new technologies will be a starting point for your company to enter this evolution of industries.

Establishing a detailed schedule of how to turn MPC into a digital work is highly recommended to ensure that no stage of production planning and control is ineffective to the point of causing losses.

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