Understand the importance of cybersecurity in fintechs and banking transactions

Technology evolves, the means of system invasion and data theft also undergo transformations.

With the digital transformation underway, nowadays it is almost impossible to think of a daily life without internet, both for people and companies.

At the same time, it is important to think about all the aspects that can compromise the security of devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as networks and servers. In other words, investing in security is paramount in this regard.

After all, while technology evolves, the means of system invasion and data theft also undergo transformations, capable of leaving enterprises at the highest level of vulnerability.

In addition to attacks by the famous viruses, the cybercrimes that occur in the most common virtual environments these days are:

  • Phishing;
  • Malware;
  • Ransomware;
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service);
  • SQL (Structured Query Language);
  • Trojan Horse.

Here, cybersecurity presents itself at a high level of relevance, since this practice guarantees greater protection against fraud, data breach and theft, among a series of other intrusions.

Therefore, if you want to understand the concept of cybersecurity, its importance and some good practices to protect yourself in the virtual world, keep reading this text.

What is cybersecurity anyway?

Cybersecurity refers to a set of measures that aim to protect information on computers, electronic systems, mobile devices, networks and servers from the action of criminals.

This type of attack is harmful as it makes the security of digital data, as well as the entire technological infrastructure of a business, vulnerable.

Undoubtedly, depending on the size of the company, the invasion can prove more difficult, but it is from the investment in cybersecurity that there is greater guarantee of protection against the action of hackers and malicious people.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Even before the fact of simply protecting, cybersecurity’s main functions are to prevent, identify and eliminate any vulnerability points capable of affecting the information in a database.

This is because, progressively, companies are abandoning the use of paper documents to migrate to digital and facilitate their internal and external processes.

However, this requires a little more caution in terms of security, considering that the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, the LGPD, which came into force in the country in 2020, places data preservation at a level of obligation, and not more than differential.

This means that investment in cybersecurity must be prioritized, ensuring credibility to the business and avoiding legal and financial losses, which in some cases can even lead a business to bankruptcy.

Tips to protect yourself on the internet

After understanding what cybersecurity is and what relevance it has, especially for corporations that have a strong presence in the virtual environment, follow some practices that help increase security in the digital world.

For starters, the most recommended thing is to have a professional specialized in cybersecurity, since he will know what adjustments your network needs.

If this is not possible beforehand, bet on the following basic tips:

  • Make use of antivirus on all devices;
  • Invest in strong passwords;
  • Make use of digital signatures with encryption;
  • Schedule regular backups;
  • Instruct the team not to open emails from unknown senders;
  • Create an access policy to organizational files;
  • Bet on a good internet usage policy;
  • Configure a VPN network.

In addition, an essential and valid factor especially for those who use mobile devices linked to their work environment, or who work in shared environments, something specific for freelancers, freelancers and models such as the home office, a recommendation is to avoid connecting on public Wi-Fi networks.

Attacks can happen to anyone and anywhere, so prevention is the keyword to guide cybersecurity actions.

Added to this is the adoption of strong passwords in e-mails and other software that contain sensitive or extremely sensitive data, such as employee and customer information or various other private documents.

Enabling a firewall is also a tip to consider. It is a program that, in general, is linked to the antivirus, and its function is to analyze internet traffic, allowing or blocking access, the latter case valid for suspected threat.

Should I hire a specialized company?

Some options like structured network cabling system and cloud computing, or cloud computing, in its literal translation, can be easily implemented in a company to ensure internal security.

In this case, it may be necessary to hire a company specialized in this type of service.

So that, in addition to the installation, an entire IT support is offered capable of helping the manager and other employees involved in this issue, as well as providing support in a situation of intrusion into the system.

In addition, relying on the help of cybersecurity experts allows for a better analysis of reports collected in periods when the company’s network or system was in a period of vulnerability, among other situations.

As the market in this area is constantly growing, there are currently several companies operating, and it is up to the manager to choose the one that best meets the needs of the business, as well as the financial resources available for it.

But here we emphasize the fact that this is a valid type of investment, especially if all the losses that the organization may have if it suffers an unexpected cyber attack are put at the tip of the pencil.

Final considerations

Adopting a cybersecurity culture is extremely important to keep all teams in an organization aware of existing cybercrimes, as well as helping to understand the types of damage that are a consequence of the action of malicious people.

Considered one of the most important areas of technology today, cybersecurity deserves more attention when it comes to information security. Therefore, investing in measures to protect a business’s systems and data is the best thing to do.

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